Friday, October 31, 2003

Bought the New Paper today(as i always waste my 60 cents on), and straight away something caught my eye. Pastor Ho Yeow Sun was on the cover in a VERY low-cut dress showing plenty of cleavage, saying "I had no choice".

According to her, every dress that her designer had picked for her was very revealing, and that this one was the least revealing of the lot. Apparently she was very uncomfortale, but accepted that this was the norm in Hollywood, and asians aren't used to it. She had no choice, wearing it was 'torturous' even. She says she is NOT a pastor, and people should stop calling her as such. she is a Music director, not pastor. she doesn't preach.

I say BULLSHIT!!! You always have a choice. No matter what. If she truely did not want to wear it, she did not need to. she could have skipped the premiere of Scary Movie III. She could scrap her plans to make it big in Hollywood. But no. She wanted to go to Hollywood. She wanted to make it big as an international singer, and wearing scanty clothes come with it. Even 'clean' artistes like Mandy Moore wear relatively revealing clothes(though not to the extent of Britney or J-Lo). If she didn't wear revealing clothes, she's not gonna make it big. So she does wear scanty clothes. No choice my foot. Its a matter of priorities.

She's may not be a pastor, but she is highly ranked in City Harvest, and widely respected as a pastor's wife. Like it or not, she has influence. And now young girls are gonna think its OK to wear revealing clothes to further their career.

Another thing. She wants to make it BIG in hollywood. I say, go, do Singapore proud. But she claims that she may start filming a movie with A-list celebrities in a Hollywood blockbuster. I'm like.. Ok.... she also claims that David Foster says she could be the next Whitney Housten. I nearly laughed out loud. Seriously, setting goals is good, but acting in an A-list hollywood blockbuster and becomming the next Whitney Housten???? Internationally???

I have nothing against Ho Yeow Sun. I think its fine if she thinks its OK to wear revealing clothes. But please, don't say you have no choice. And i'll believe that you're the next Whitney Housten when i see it.


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