Thursday, November 08, 2007

If I let You Go

Day after day
Time pass away
And I just can´t get you off my mind
Nobody knows ... I hide it inside
I keep on searching but I can´t find
The courage to show ...
To letting you know ...
I´ve never felt so much love before
And once again I´m thinking about
Taking the easy way out ...

But if I let you go
I will never know
What my life would be
Holding you close to me
Will I ever see
You smiling back at me
How will I know?
If I let you go ...

Night after night
I hear myself sayin´
Why can´t this feeling just fade away?
There´s no one like you ...
You speak to my heart...
It´s such a shame we´re worlds apart ...
I´m too shy to ask ...
I´m too proud to lose
But sooner or later I gotta choose
And once again I´m thinking about
Taking the easy way out ...

Monday, April 16, 2007

Its His Chee-ky Plan All Along!

The PAP already has the public in an outroar(singapore style, where they complain on forum boards and straits times, not american style where they take to the streets with guns and shit) over the minister's pay rise. They already know that the general public is very against it. Up pops their most irritating(but no greatest) nemesis, Chee Soon Juan.

And guess what, he's holding a forum with foreign dignitaries from around the world, to 'express their disgust' at the pay rise, and he's applying a permit to do it! HELL NO, CHEE! The ministers probably thought to themselves, why should we allow more bad press about our pay raises? So they threw his application out the window.

But, what if that was Chee Soon Juan's very purpose? To incite outrage among the public. Pick a topic that you KNOW the PAP will reject, invite foreigners in to ensure that the news will not only be local, but global, and wait for the PAP to do what they always do. That way, if the PAP accepts your proposal for the forum, you get to slam the minister's pay. If they reject it, you get to highlight how horrible the PAP is that they won't allow something as small as a forum to come in.

I think he's a smart man, this Chee guy, even though he's done some dumb things in the past.

In the end, i figure the Singapore gah-men has done a good job. THUS FAR. We have safe streets, litter-free, few homeless people, low drug rate, relatively good relationships between races and religions, good economy etc. Its plenty more than many countries around our region have had. And i love my country. Its my home, and always will be.

However, and that's a big HOWEVER, the PAP seems to be heading down the path which may lead to a police state. For most of its life, the PAP has known better than its people, in that sense. It has made some wise but unpopular decisions in the past, like implementing national service(very unpopular, but rather necessary considering how small we are), seperating from Malaysia, implementing extremely strict laws on racial harmony etc. And in the end the government DOES need to do what's right for the people, not what they people like.

And it seems like lately, they think they can do what they want when they want. Public opinion be damned. Seems like a contradiction with what i said above, that the government needs to do what's good for the country, not what the people like. But if you do it often enough, and you ignore the people's opinions long enough, the PAP may very end up one day(if they haven't already) doing what they 'deem' to be the best thing for the people. When in reality its merely an illusion. To use a very strong example, Hitler probably thought he was doing what he deemed best for Germany, and Germany economy DID grow during his reign(before the war).

In the end, the oft-quoted cliche is true. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. And the PAP is walking down that dangerous line towards absolute power. Will it reach there one day? I don't know, really. I sure hope not. Alot of the time as 'the little man' we think we have no power. Especially since the gah-men is gonna do what they want ANYWAY. but i don't believe that's true. Another oft-repeated quote is this :

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing
-Edmund Burke, British Statesman

As the little man, we may not have political powers. We may not have the influence. But we are the people, of which the gah-men rules. And before the gah-men does actually reach the stage where we're a police state, the people need to make their views known. The people being you and me, and hopefully, the gah-men's conscience will be pricked, and do what's really best for Singapore.

In other words, hopefully the PAP will wake up their idea! =)

Lol... and thus ends my long political rant. Majulah Singapura!!!!! XDXDXD

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Template for All Korean Dramas

I am a BIG fan of korean dramas. The girls are cute, the story is great, the endings are always sweet. Well, most of them. There are those few that trick me into believing there's a happy ending, and then the girl dies from some terminal disease. Those stupid dramas make me want to break the disk, stomp it into dust then give it to my hamster to drink.

But anyway, I figured by now, that korean dramas, as much as I love them, seem to all follow a certain formula. Its somehow as if when its time to write the script for a new drama, they wear special suits and enter a high security room which holds the secret to making a successful drama. The writers then dust off the book, and read its wonderful template to making a good drama. I think I've figured out that template, which will sumarise 99.9% of korean dramas. If a korean drama you watched doesn't fit into this template, then well, its in that 0.01%. So there.

Korean Drama Template

Lets start off with.. characterisation. Or however you spell it. In your standard korean drama, there are always four characters :

  1. The Leading Man : The Leading Man is usually rich. More often than not he has a high status, high qualifications, and smart. He usually starts off as an idiot. He is rude to the Leading Lady, unkind, and hates her from the start. But pretty soon he learns to see the Leading Lady's good points, and starts to like her. But he is often embarassed about it, and will never admit to liking her until the last few episodes. However, during this process he will like another girl, whom I shall call Resident Bitch. He will like her from the start of the drama, and will keep going back to her whenever she calls. He is still emotionally attached to her, and will break the Leading Lady's heart a few times because of her. As the drama unfolds, he starts to become a nicer person, due to the Leading Lady's influence, and ends off the drama a wonderful man, who finally lets go of the Resident Bitch's heart and gives it wholly to the Leading Lady.
  2. The Leading Lady : The Leading Lady is usually poorer and of lower status than the Leading Man. This is because everyone loves a rags to riches story, where a power man likes a girl who's deemed 'lower class' than him. She is a sweet, cheerful, wonderful girl who falls for the Leading Man early in the drama. However, her heart is consistently broken by the Leading Man, who, despite her obvious good points over the Resident Bitch, will keep going back to the Resident Bitch because he still likes the Resident Bitch. Throughout all this there is the Nice Guy who Finishes Last. The Nice Guy who Finishes Last will like the Leading Lady from the beginning of the drama, and the Leading Lady will often lead him on by giving him the wrong signals and turning to him for advice and support whenever the Leading Man hurts her emotionally. But at the end of the drama, the Leading Lady will always go back to the Leading Man, when he realises how stupid he has been and changes for the better, leaving The Nice Guy who Finishes Last, well... finishing last.
  3. The Resident Bitch : Her sole role in a korean drama is to make EVERYONE hate her. She will be 'nice' to the Leading Man, but bitchy, mean and horrible to the Leading Lady, who more often than not takes her nonsense. She is whiny, needy and has the Leading Man around her little finger. She usually starts off the drama rejecting the Leading Man's love for her, but once the Leading Lady enters the picture, realises what she let go off and tries her darnest to get him back, stomping on the Leading Lady in the process. She usually ends up with nobody.
  4. The Nice Guy who Finishes Last : The Nice Guy who Finishes Last is a staple in most dramas. He is named so because he always finishes last. He often starts off the drama liking the Leading Lady for who she is, but she doesn't like him cos she's in love with the Leading Man. He will then go on to be extremely nice to the Leading Lady, giving her gifts, and support when she comes running to him heartbroken because the Leading Man hurt her yet again. However, no matter how nice The Nice Guy who Finishes Last is to the Leading Lady, and no matter how horrible the Leading Man is to the Leading Lady, or how many times the Leading Man hurts the Leading Lady, she will never, ever return his love. He usually ends up alone, because, he is, The Nice guy who Finishes Last
In Korean Dramas there is also always something I call 'Korean Timing'. This Korean Timing only ever occurs in Korean dramas. Some exampls are :
  1. If the Leading Man is with the Resident Bitch, the Leading Lady is almost ALWAYS nearby to see them kiss/hold hands/talk etc, leading her to feel very bad
  2. If The Nice Guy who Finishes Last is doing something nice for the Leading Lady, the Leading Man is always there to see The Nice Guy who Finishes Last try to kiss the Leading Lady, or give her a gift, or hold her hand or something. This will lead him to being angry and doing something stupid, like not give the Leading Lady a gift he bought for her, thus making the Leading Lady feel like the Leading Man does not love her, when in fact he does and is an idiot.
  3. When the Leading Man asks the Leading Lady if its ok for him to go out with the Resident Bitch, she will always say yes and feel horrible about it
  4. If the Leading Man and Leading Lady is about to have a nice, romantic moment, or kiss, or do something of that nature, the Resident Bitch will usually pop up and spoil the moment
  5. When the Leading Man is trying to say something about the Leading Lady to a friend, or the Resident Bitch, the Leading Lady willl be there to evesdrop, and always leaves just when the Leading Man is about to confess that he loves the Leading Lady, and the Leading Lady will leave thinking he doesn't love her and still loves the Resident Bitch. Cue crying.
  6. The Leading Man and Leading Lady will always somehow be locked in a room or stuck in a tent with each other for a night, usually unwillingly. Nothing will happen, but it is an opportunity for sweet scenes of longing looks when the other party is asleep
Of course, Life RARELY works out the way korean dramas do. So I do think we have a few lessons to learn from Korean Dramas :

  1. Girls, just because you are nice and sweet to your man doesn't mean he will change from being a horrible guy to a wonderfully, sweet man.
  2. Guys, be nice to your girls and tell them you love them if you love them. Or they'll think you don't.
  3. Girls, if you're not comfortable with your man going out with someone, TELL HIM. Or he WILL go out with that someone no matter how many hints you drop.
  4. Guys, LISTEN to your girl when she's trying to tell you something. And REALLY listen.
  5. And Guys and Girls, sometimes he or she JUST ISN'T THE ONE. If you continue to like him/her, you will end up heartbroken. Sometimes, they just aren't that into you.

And thus concludes my commentory on Korean Dramas. I will love them forever.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Questions Thingie

Haven't updated my blog in years... been to bloody lazy, but one of my best friends asked me to do so i'll do it...

1. Full name: Choo Shi En Christon
2. Name backwards: Ontsirhc Ne Ihs Oohc
3. Meaning of the name: Supposed to mean 'A Gift' or 'A Blessing' or something like that(chinese name, english name got no freaking idea)
4. Nickname: Chrissyton, Da Tou, Veggie Ballz, Ah Choo(like a sneeze)
5. Screen name: I did NOT say that!
6. D.O.B: 2nd October 1984
7. Place of birth: Singapore
8. Nationality: Singaporean
9. Current location: Study Room(also where i sleep)

10. Star sign: Uh... no idea actually, whatever star sign early october is
11. Religion: Christian
12. Height: 168(i can't even break 170!!!! *sob*)
13. Weight: 65(i put on weight!!!!*cries*)
14. Shoe size: 9
15. Hair colour: black
16. Eye colour: black
17. Who do you think u look like: I don't think i really look like anyone famous

18. Innie or outtie: Innie
19. Lefty of righty: Right hand
20. Gay,straight,bi or others: Straight! Straight guys like romantic movies and novels too ok!

21. Best friends: Brian, Edwin, JD, Lionel
22. Best friends u trust most: See Above!
23. Favourite pals: See Above Above!
24. Best friend of opposite sex: No one really right now...
25. Best buddies: See Above Above Above Above!
26. Boyfriend of galfriend: One day, Someday, Soon
27. Crush: One day, Someday, Soon
28. Parents: Raised me the best they could

29. Worst enemy: Evil Encik from NS days!!!!
30. Favourite online guy: None, really
31. Favourite online gal: Faith, may we share youtube videos forever!
32. Craziest fren: See Above Above Above Above Above Above Above Above Above Above Aboev

33. Advice fren: Faith
34. Loudest friend: Tricia(the screams! the screams!WEI!!!!)
35. Person u cry with: I cryeth not.. i blame my frozen emotions
36. Any sisters: 1 related by blood, plus 1 mandy
37. Any brothers: 1 related by blood, plus 4 guys see 21
38. Any pets: Countless fish, hamsters and mice, all of which are now dead
39. Any disease: i have/had brochitis. i think that's how you spell it. i think its cured now. i hope.

40. Pager: Not anymore!
41. Personal phone line: I'm not that poor. Yet.
42. Phone: Motorola. I hate it. I swear motorola's out to get me.
43. Lava lamp: Nope... waste of money. I'd buy one if they really put lava inside, though.
44. Pool or hot tub: Pool. My sensitive skin cannot take hot water. It burns... IT BURNS!!!!
45. A car: Family has a van. Knocked up one at that. But i can't drive it yet.(stupid kerb. why i strike you during driving test?)
46. Your personality: Crazy at times, quiet at times. Super messy, careth little for material posessions(which means i don't really take care of them properly, sadly). Rarely will i open up, but to a select few who have gained my trust
47. Driving: do driving lessons once a week count?
48. Room: Messy. Just spent an hour cleaning it. But still messy. Will be messier still tomorrow. Will look like hurricane katrina went through it a week later.
49. What's missing: A wife.
50. School: Soon to take a part time course in counseling
51. Bed: Simple, no blankets, no covers, just mattress
52. Relationship wif parents: Much, much better than the past

53. Believe in urself: Try to. Succeeding way more often now than in the past
54. Believe in love at first sight: I belive it when it happens in movies!
55. Good listener: Try to be. Some people say i am, some people say i suck. Who do i believe...
56. Get along well wif parents: Yup!
57. Save email conversations: Nope... i'm a regular deleter of emails! Even with gmail i feel the need to delete mails... my inbox must not go beyond 5 pages...
58. Pray: Yes. Often on boring bus rides.
59. Believe in reincarnation: You can't kill a Hindu, but you can kill a Christian! Heaven sure beats comming back as a dung beetle!
60. Make fun of ppl: Try not to... but still do. =(

61. Like to talk on the phone: Rarely, very very rarely
62. Want to get married: One day, some day, soon
63. Like to drive: Learning to like it, but still don't really. May change mind if driving manual.
64. Motion sickness: NEVER MAN NEVER!!!! Reading on shaking non-aircon SBS buses when 6 has made me immune!
65. Eat stem of broccoli: Eat brocolli? Who in their right mind eats brocolli?
66. Eat chicken wif fork: Sorry, but i'm vegetarian here....
67. Dream in colour: You mean people dream in black and white? Get with the times people! I dream in High Definition Colour now!
68. Type wif ur fingers on home role: No, i type with my nose under school pole
69. Sleep wif stuff animals: No. I refuse to sleep with something that used to be alive. A stuffed turkey i may consider if its fresh from the oven.

70. Next to you: All together now... RICOLA!!!!!
71. On the walls of your room: Baby pictures of me! And a Clay Aiken poster. I'm straight, i swear!
72. On your mousepad: Biocompatibles Drug Delivery. Don't ask me why. I don't sell drugs. For less than US$10,000
73. Dream car: I've always wanted a Rover. I don't know why.

74. Dream date: Dream date? Considering i'm so sad i've never even BEEN on a date before(so loser... *cries*) Man, i DREAM of dates! Any date!
75. Dream honeymoon spot: Umm... i've never been out of southeast asia. Maybe a place with snow? Or something? I WANT A WIFE!!!! WAAAAHHH
76. Dream husband n wife: Has to be female. Definitely. No compromise on that one
77. Bedtime: Whenever, wherever =)
78. Under ur bed: Dust. Pencles, pens, paper, probably some monster for all i know never really cleaned under it.
79. Single most important question: When will i get me a girlfriend?
80. Bad time of the day: After 11pm. I shut down. First i'd go crazy and expand all my energy talking nonsense and making weird noises. Then i more quiet than a man who's just been hit in the balls(guys don't really say anything when they get hit in the balls.. they just clutch it and kneel down).
81. Your worst fear: Bees. Wasps. And velociraptors. They got claws man! And they like jump onto you and rip your guts out! I get nightmares of these creatures!
82. The weather is: Clear
83. Time: 11 p.m.

84. Date: 4th October
85.Best trick did on someone: Deh, for the death of me i can't remember
86. Theme song: All By Myself by Celine Dion(or was it whitney houseten? Or was it mariah carey? well, one of them)
87. Hardest thing abt growing up: Having an ultra-conservative, over-protective mom
88. Funniest experience: This is recent. Some friends of mine forcibly removed my underwear while i was still wearing it with a pair of scissors for my birthday. Wasn't funny to me, but everyone else thought it was.
89. Scariest experience: Parents threatening to divorce while yelling at each other
90. Silliest thing u have ever said: When a strange got tickets to the singapore idol finale and shreiked, i shriekd with her. And i haven't met her in my life. Everyone looked at me funny.
91. Most desperate and funniest thing u have ever done to an opposite sex: I got no balls to do ANYTHING to a member of the opposite sex. Probably explains why i'm still single.
92. Scariest thing when you are with your friends: One of them dying?
93. Worst feeling: When i'm sick with fever. Man i feel like crap.
94. Best feeling in the world: Friends who care. Brudders who'll always be there for you. A cell that appreciates you. A friend who's stood by you for 8 years, though good times and shitty times, and who you know will be there for years to come.

Saturday, March 04, 2006


Lately, as we all know, there's been quite a craze with the i's. It all started with the iMac. If there was something before the iMac, well it didn't start the craze because i don't remember it. Then it carried it on with the hugely successful iPod and iPod Mini(which i would probably break 5 seconds after buying when it slips out of my hands while i fumble for my wallet to get on the bus) So there's the iGallop, which is possibly the stupidest exercise machine(FIRMER THIGHS! SHAPELIER BUTT! STUPIDER LOOK! SLUTIER IMAGE!) ever invented in the history of mankind. Though once my friend saw some secondary schoolgirls in their uniforms riding it(that itself just sounds wrong) and possibly gave him something to dream about for the next month. There's iMode, some stupid commercial that plays before movies in the cinemas that i can't even remember which phone company its for because i hate it so much. i swear, if i hear I Like, iMode one more time i will scream, take off my pants and pee on the screen.

I'm sure there are many more iSomethings that are in the market, and many more to come. In fact, here's my predictions for the next big iSomething.

New from Hugo Boss : the iSmell

A special new scent that does more than just make you smell good! It makes you smell! Does your girlfriend or wife love the sweaty, sour masculine smell after a few hours at the gym? Or that satisfying run? Or that 5 min walk under the sun? Fear no more! iSmell recreates the wonderfully pungent odour of sweat, dirt and grime, all for jsut $199!

New from National : the iSuck

This vacuum cleaner sucks more than any other brand in the market! In fact, it sucks so bad, we don't even know why its on the market! Never has there been a worse vacuum cleaner. It is noiser than my Plantoon Seargeant, and has less power than an opposition candidate running for the elections! In fact, the iSuck is rumored to be the reason why no one ever remembers that National even made vacuum cleaners. Sold for just $0.99!

New from the old uncle who sells coffins along Potong Pasir : the iDie

Not happy with the the coffins you've seen? Here comes the new iDie! Few things have been heard about it, but last heard when i tried asked about his new product, he just kept screaming "die lah! iDie lah!" while listening to the radio on the latest 4D numbers.

New from OSIM : the iCrap

The new revolutionary toilet bowl that massages your thighs and butt while you shit! Taking a crap will never be the same again. Features include a special antibacterial spray that washes your anus after you're done. Comes with optional tampon remover for girls, and special penis holder for guys. You will never need to hold your equipment when peeing again! All for just $1488!

New from the Jack Neo Education Series : the iNotStupid

Yes, the iNotStupid, rated as the next big thing to the Ten Years Series, here comes the iNotStupid Twenty Years Series! Yes, for the price of your normal Ten Years Seires, you get DOUBLE value! Be smarter than your friend, who's only done a measly ten years of 'O' level papers, do iNotStupid Twenty Years Series!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Bible IT

Good bible jokes are very rare... they're either sacrelegous(how do you spell that again?) or totally boring. But my friend found one hilarious one, and its an IT joke too! Considering i studied it in my polytechnic course, i totally got it.

If only... if only that could help me debug my codes. Imagine the Programmer's Prayer :

Our Father who codes in Heaven, Hallowed be thy mainframe
Thy deadline comes, thy codes be done
On the the MAC is it is in the PC
And give us this day our disk overhead
And deliver us from erroneous data retrieval
For thine is the Pingdom, and the power source, and internet browser
4ev@ and 3v3r,

But anyway, i did take the above picture and made a few... what shall i call it... minor modifications. Bring it a little closer to home.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Backstreet's Back!

Backstreet's Back! They really are. Though i think they're ought to be more concerned about breaking their own backs while doing those fancy dance moves.

See, the other day(really long time back actually) my friend Brian and i got free tickets to go to the backstreet boys concert. Yup, yup... that's right, free tickets! And they were close to the stage, too! Them backstreet boys(backstreet old men if you ask me) were barely 5 metres away from us at times. But how, and why did we get those tickets in the first place?

Last year, many many months ago, one of my most valued friends had a birthday bash. She was turning the big THREE-OH, and so did a huge costume birthday party, in which many photos were taken. Click and take a look at the best birthday party i've ever attended. But hey, i'm getting off track here. See, for her birthday present, we decided to create for her a music video, where the bunch of us dressed up and sang a song we wrote specially for her. Of course, we did have a little fun while we were at it, and took plenty of photos.

Then, a while back, MTV Asia had a competition for the best Backstreet Boys Lookalike photo, the prize of which was Two Tickets plus special passes to a 'Meet and Greet' session! One of my good friends decided to submit our photos in, and to my amazement, we actually WON!!!

Not too bad a picture, if i say so myself! But good enough to win the competition? I seriously doubt it. Either we really ARE that hot, or MTV Asia is really that blind, or they had that few entries to make ours the best.

Or maybe all of the above.

But anyway, that was how we got our two tickets. Or was it two tickets? MTV Asia calls my friend back and tells him that we have won two tickets. Which was great, considering that most of my friends who took the photos don't even LIKE the backstreet boys to begin with. Some people, if given a free backstreet boys concert pass, would rather shred the thing than sell it. Stupid people. Anyway, i actually like backstreet boys music. Don't ask me why. I'm straight, but i like strange music and strange movies(like chick flicks) which guys aren't supposed to like.

Anyway, after some consideration, it was decided that my ticket would be given up to an actualy backstreet boys fan, a female friend of ours, who actually followed them around since primary school. Which is a long, long time ago. Ah... so i won't get to see the concert after all. No biggie.

Or not. See, MTV Asia, being MTV Asia, screwed up on the whole ticket thing. Telling us we had two tickets, when actually it was two tickets for the 'Meet and Greet', but FOUR tickets to the actualy concert itself. After finding that out, Brian calls me up(after the crappy 'Meet and Greet', where MTV Asia actually said that pictures could be taken and autographs signed. Bloody liars.) and tells me that there are more tickets! WOOOHHOOO!!! Which means i get to go after all!

So i make my way down, and wait until about 8:30 for the concert to start. All good. I bought a big gulp(small) for $3. I've never drank ice lemon tea any slower than i did that day. Every sip was worth 30 cents man. Strangely enough tasted the same as any other ice lemon tea. Stupid 7-11. I thought the big gulp was the same price, even if it WAS inside the indoor stadium. Cheat my money. No, i wasn't being naive and stupid to believe that i could have bought it for a normal price inside the indoor stadium. SHUT UP!!! I'M NOT STUPID!!! I'M SMART!!! I'M NOT LISTENING TO YOU!!! LA LA LA LA

So we sat down, and the concert starts off with a bang. The backstreet old men came out, and started stamping their feet to their hit song The Call, and the whole stadium erupted in screams. Whoever said that the backstreet old men were dead and buried certainly has not been to one of their concerts. The place was packed with screaming girls(and the occational bored boyfriend, who would probably prefer getting his eyes pecked by crows than listen to the crap his girlfriend dragged him along for), all jumping up and down and singing along. The whole indoor stadium was PACKED. It was pratically full to the brim. And the girls were excited. Maybe crazy would be a better word. Scrambling to the front, they screamed their lungs out. My ears actually hurt. I thought i was in a torture chamber of some medieval castle or something. Crazy women.

But i did enjoy the concert, regardless. At the end of the day, i do like their music(I'm straight! I'm straight, I swear!), and i sang along to many of their songs. Sitting down on the stage was a fat black man, which i'm told is the bouncer to grab any over-enthusiastic fan should she(or a gay he) climb onto the stage. He looked bored to death(i actually thought he died, considering that he hadn't moved for more than 15 min), probably waiting for it to be over. But then again, i can think of worse jobs than sitting down waiting to grab and physically restrain the next crazy female fan who jumps onto the stage.

There were some interesting points of the concert. One was where one of the backstreet old men(i think it was Howie. could be wrong.) jumped down from the stage, and was apprehended by the staff, telling him to get back up the stage. Howie wagged his finger at the guy(i would think he'd rather give him the finger) and got back up. Another time, Brian jumped off the stage far right and actually succeeded in running up the steps to a bunch of screaming girls who were stampeding towards him and touch his hand. The staff only managed to stop him after say ten seconds, but by then the damage was done.

My female friend, Truddy, was definitely enjoying the concert more than me. She was screaming at the front of the backstreet old men, jumping up and down like a rabbit who drank a carton of red bull, and signing along. However, the most fun Brian and i had was not in singing the songs, or watching them dance. It was in noticing how much the backstreet old men have aged, and making fun of them. Them old men.

For comparison's sake, let us compare one of their first albums, with their latest album.

All right, lets take a close look at them more than ten years ago and now. First good thing we see is that their hair is much, much better. I'm glad Kevin(the tall guy with the weird facial hair) shaved his head... and Nick got rid of his horrible hair. At first glance, they actually look better than they did many years ago. But we need to take a closer look to see for sure, because as we know, we can never trust album covers. Stupid photoshop editing changes everything.

One of the first thing Brian and i noticed was Nick Carter. When he came out and started to dance, we realised two things.

One : Nick Carter is very action. There is no one more action and more extra than Nick Carter. When every other backstreet old man is dancing in sync, the extra one is doing something stupid like raising his hand, trying to action with the band... He even tried to play the guitar, acting like he's very good, rolling on the floor and stuff. But in reality, he didn't play anything special, just the rhythm guitar. He acted like he was the lead guitarist. In NS, Nick Carter would be the bunk outcast. But here, the girls scream all the louder for him. I found it hilarious.

Two : Nick Carter is FAT. He has a POT BELLY. He has a HUGE BUTT. Everytime he started to do something extra, Brian and I would scream out BOTAK!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wanna compare and contrast? Here are two photos for you :

Wahahahaha.... God bless the guy who took that photo of Nick Carter. WAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Another thing we noticed is that another backstreet boy, AJ, is losing his hair. He is BALDING. He is BOTAK. Notice how in the cover he is the ONLY backstreet old man wearing a cap in the never gone picture?

Its beacuse he has too little hair. I saw it at the concert. It was HILARIOUS. We'd scream BOTAK everytime he sang. To really see his receding hairline, let me give you another recent picture of him, this time WITHOUT a hat...

Howie, as we noticed, is also super short. I thought the backstreet boys would be more imposing, you know? But Howie was so short, at times he had to stretch his neck to reach the mic stand!!! He was TOO SHORT for the MICROPHONE STAND!!! WAHAHAHAHA!!!!

But honestly, all in all, i'd say the backstreet boys have not lost their touch. They sang well, much better than they have in years. They danced well, and were good performers. I had a good time. That free ticket brought me much joy.

I wonder if their arthritis is acting up, though, after doing so much dancing...